Finding the Food Truck

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I never had any doubts that this truck was meant to be mine!

In September, we began looking for food trucks when I came across one on Facebook for sale.  I knew as soon as I saw it, that it was meant to be mine!

I sent the post to hubby and he liked it but it was all the way in New Mexico. He sent me links to more local trucks for sale 😁 As a practical guy, I’m sure he was thinking about the drive there and back, the age of the truck, buying from someone we may not be able to reach out to again…

When my husband saw I was inspired by the truck in New Mexico, he went ahead and contacted the seller for information.  They negotiated back and forth for a couple of weeks while we worked on getting financing together to purchase it.  The seller was entertaining other possible buyers, we had a period of no communication, etc, yet I never had any doubts that this truck was meant to be mine. By October we made arrangements to drive to New Mexico and buy the truck.

1000 miles to pick up this old truck! Would the food truck make it home ok?!!!

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