The Prelude

It’s early, but not real early, not like when I had to get up to get ready for work.  I can actually see the daylight peeping through the blinds and hear the birds singing.  It is enough to make me want to jump out of bed to start my day full of enthusiasm for the new event we will be going to on this beautiful Saturday morning.  I jump onto the food truck with my husband and we’re off to the commissary kitchen to prep for the day.

Add in the Contrast

It is a direct contrast to how I feel during the week having to get up in the darkness, get ready for work, and drive 35 minutes to an office with no windows. During the week I know exactly what is waiting for me as I mull over ADA compliance on a website desperately waiting for someone to reach out for help on their technology in the classroom. When I started my job in 2012, everyone was in need of some type of assistance and now my chicks have turned into eagles. I am so proud of their willingness, desire and dedication to improve and learn how to integrate technology into their classrooms and I loved coming to work every day to support and collaborate with them. It has been a wonderful journey with them however the need for my services has grown less and less and what I love to do has turned into sitting behind a desk validating if code is compliant or not. Bleh!

After a fun food truck summer, I knew this was going to be my next career calling.  I mentioned it to my husband and he said, “let’s do it!”


This was the start to my new adventure!

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